Unit 7 Reflection

Monday 18th April

Today is the last day of foundation course. We all had a chance to have an individual tutorial with our tutor before our submission tomorrow. I asked Chris to help with my portfolio sheet because I'm not sure which work in the sketchbook I should select in order to put on the sheets. 

I'm planning to present my work in a simple layout on my portfolio sheet because I would be easier for people to look at our work and understand it clearly. Rather than putting a lot of research images, our development work and drawings work together than this will make it more confused when presenting. My presentation needs to be clean and make people able to get the point easily on how I express my work at their first sight.

One quote that pops into my head was "Less is more".

I got pointed out on my final photoshoot colour was too red so my garment doesn't really stand out because it got covered by the red colour so it is hard to see the real colour. I did photoshop work on removing the red colour on the photo so that it is easier to see the real colour on the garment and making the photo more brighter to see the detail on the garment clearly.

Saturday 14th April

My aims are to do finish writing the evaluation and exhibition label. I spend my whole working on my workflow, evaluation and exhibition label.I wrote the evaluation draft first so I have time to check it when I have a fresh head. I need to write it very concise to cover the context that is important. My evaluation has 900 words when is way too long for a quick explanation of this project. Things I didn't do well today was that my evaluation doesn't really make sense because I just type everything down on what I'm thinking in my head which I haven't arranged it properly and it feels confused and doesn't make sense or unclear on some sentences. I feel that writing near the deadline submission is not a good way to do because we don't have time to correct with the tutor.


Moreover, i spend my time developing my final development illustration because i feel that drawing doesn't look realistic so i add real sample i did onto the illustration. I feel it looks a lot better and it helps other people to understand how is this come from towards the final piece.

For my future work, i need to manage my time better and set a realistic action plan to achieve on what i'm aiming to work. 

Friday 13th April

Photoshoot day

Today was the day we had to photoshoot our work. I met my model and I feel that she would look good when wearing my garment. I feel very excited and impressed. While photo shooting Patricia came to help with how to pose and styling for my garment. The shoes I picked for this garment really matched together because it has a shiny reflect when taking the photoshoot with a flash. However, the time is limited but I got 2 best photos that I really like and feel it is the strongest project I did since starting this course. I personally love my own garment because i feel that it looks good and i did it to achieve what i aim to be after the progress tutorial. The garment looks very functional and makes it more youth. It has a interesting feeling when wearing and moving the garment around to see the wavy and bouncy effect.

Tuesday 10th April

Helen and Danielle recommended us to do an updated timetable for the last week of this course. I feel it useful to flow what I have the aim to do my work and make my timetable realistic. However, when I feel very tired from my set timetable I take a short rest and relax so my brain is working properly without getting too tired. I had a short tutorial with Helen on what I need to improve in my future work because I can't redo all the comment she gave me because the time is limited. 

Monday 9th April

First day back after Easter break.


First thing I got mentioned from my partner was that I did a small range of research so more research and development would be the next step I need to work on. The most concern part was my workflow because I didn't have an annotation on my research session and my reflection is not up to date. I feel that I have to push myself to work harder because it's a last final step to finish this project off perfectly.

Later on, I work on and fixing my garment. After the critique, I took my garment down and I realized that I stitch the bag part loosely and accidentally I fall off while I will carrying the garment around. 

Friday 6th April

Photoshoot @Bangkok

I did my photoshoot in front of my house at lunchtime because there's a lot of sunlight. I plan to a photo shoot at a big space on the street or a road. At first, I did a simple plan photoshoot with myself in the middle of the road and take the photo but i feel that there's a lot of spaces that are unnecessary at the back. I feel that it is too normal and my garment doesn't really stand out much so i came up finding references for my photoshoot.

Later on, I decided to use red smoke paint to help to change the environment and background of the photo shoot. Smoke paint is very useful because it helps the garment and photoshoot to look strong and feel more interesting to see the smoke surround the garment. It feels very powerful when using the outcome.

Monday 2nd April

I looked back at my sketchbook to see the progress I'm doing and I noticed that I did a lot of sample and experimenting but I didn't do enough response to my initial research. I need to do some illustrations based on my sample (macrame, knit and fabric manipulation). I have a clear direction on what I'm doing so I gather more primary research images to work with the illustration I'm working on. I also wanted to focus and pay more attention to the colour palette I'm selecting for my final piece. I have a lot of ideas and shape I want in my head so I'm working at a fast pace and I feel that I'm very productive.





Suaturday 31st March

I spent the day experimenting on wrapping body that I got suggested to do from Chris feedback. I started finding fat people figure so that I can try wrapping it. I decided to work on my grandfather and grandmother because they have a belly. after I wrapped using clear plastic, I start adding ropes and colours on to the body that I focusing on changing Harrods colour palette. The result from this experimentation gives me more understanding of creating your new form and silhouette. I spent my time on doing observational drawing and Mark making in my sketchbook as I haven’t done a lot of work on drawings. I start adding shaved I saw during the experiment and tries shaping it onto the body to see the new form created. I use one thick line to draw the whole shape onto the body so the sihuoette can be seen very clearly and develop it further. I start to play with my drawing by combining different techniques and materials together to create a new style of drawing. my personal thoughts on combining samples and different techniques I did so that it can create nice texture and dimension binto my work. also my aim today is to find my colour palettes because it’s on the stage of developing on to my final design development.

Thursday 29th March

Experimenting with making fabric manipulation


This is the sample of fabric manipulation I've been exploring and experimenting. I was quite pleased with the outcome I made because I really like the style and lines of the stitch showing. I feel like there are so many interesting ways to create these manipulations when we don't force yourself to do rather lets your hand move you so it can create an incredible outcome that we didn't expect.


The last fabric manipulation I will use on my final garment because i like this one the most and it creates a good pattern. To create a balance feeling and texture I fold the fabric then stitch it so the fabric line we fold can stay up by itself. The shiny fabric I picked really goes well with this manipulation technique because I can see the dimension and the stitch details.


Wednesday 28th March

While I working on my sketchbook, i looked at the knitting sample i did earlier with macrame so i'm trying out hand knitting because i use the big rope to knit it together. I wasn't sure how to do so I search on google on how to make it. At first, it was quite difficult because i have to follow and think the same way that we have the knitting stick with me.  I had to imagine each step do. Moreover, i created a big knitting rope and make an installation on hanging it together with the hanger stand and did some observational drawing to see the new organic form created and silhouette.


Tuesday 27th March

I did some sample of knitting and macrame. I decided to work on macrame because I feel that it has the same feeling to Ruth Asawa wire sculpture that connects to many lines and shape. WHen making macrame and see it starts to twist to one side reminds me of the organic form and the edge of the macrame have the same shape like puffer jacket. I did collage based on putting the sample together with research images.

Monday 26th March

While I was making samples. I found the heat press machine at my home so I decided to work on it. I tried making the sample to have the same feeling when touching the real puffer jacket. The feeling of softness and smoothness. Nevertheless, the sample came out nice and perfectly as I have planned. 

Looking back to the sketchbook I made earlier on the page I think I have a balance of 2D and 3D work. Especially, I did a lot of experimentation. Working at 3D work is the thing I'm capable to do. I feel that at this stage my work is going well without getting stuck but I feel that I have less research so the project might not be as deep and mystery as I wanted it to be.

As the time goes by I start focusing on multifunctional jacket so I can develop my final garment further by creating pockets to make it more functional.

Screen Shot 2561-04-15 at 14.15.59.png


Sunday 25th March

I just arrived in Thailand for my Easter break. My goal for the break is too finish the final garment and sketchbook work before going back to the UK. I got my sketches for my final outcome prepared so I have time to finish my garment and have my photoshoot done here. I chose to start making my garment early because I have an outline in my mind already on what I'm thinking for it to be. I started to plan and did some pattern making for my garment because this is the hardest part to do. I plan for the garment is to continue doing it every day so if I finish making it early I still have time to check whether I need to improve some part that doesn't work. I have a little problem with doing pattern making because I have to try it with other fabric first so that I will know whether my pattern is working or not. 

BIFW fashion show

Bangkok fashion week is happening in Thailand so I had a chance to go and see Thai designers work. One designer, I find his design is very interesting called Nagara. I like how he uses the colour and the fabric he selected is all print with texture. His work had a cool silhouette that fits really well with the body. I have collected some of his style and part of his work to develop in my sketchbook. I tried collaging his design with puffer jacket to make it merge together to see if my ideas are working or not.


Thursday 22nd March

I went to CSM library to research more into Shaping on fabric to create a new and organic shape that we don't really have to force it to be. I found Issey Miyake,Balenciaga and Rei Kawakubo book on shaping the fabric.I thought it is a good inspiration to work on organic form and in terms of shapes and form we created would be interesting. I interested on draping and use gathering fabric manipualtion techniques to see how the fabric will react and see the flowing movement. However, a good selection of fabric is a good idea of think on experiment.There are many incredible techniques that really inspired me and wanting me to develop and try experimenting this technique further.

Coming to library to research is a great choice to do so because I got about of informational and i'm able to gather alot of ideas to develop my work further in the next step.


*image self-taken @V&A Musuem*

I went to visit V&A museum and this Balenciaga silk dress caught my attention on how he created this bold shapes on a garment.He used a clever manipulations of fabric to make this abstract shapes hold itself without falling. The layer of each levels reminds on of a puffer jacket. In my head i think he might use drawstring technique to tighting the base on each level and stitch it more together.

Tuesday 20th March

I continue working in my sketchbook

Monday 19th March

I had a quick discussion with Chris again. I made my decision to continue the industry project even though I didn't get to be selected because I start finding this project is very interesting for me and encourage to work because it is personal to me so I know where and what I need to do. As I did some research and collage.I'm ready to work and trying out the shape i created for research images to put on the body

My aim is that I need to develop further onto working on 3D experimentation and make small textile samples because i mostly worked on making a collage based on my research images.

 How do I create something new for a puffer jacket? The form?

The circular form that i develop into the body work well together and the idea of wrapping can be move on further.I will stay work oversized form and silhouette.

I got suggested by Chris to try wrapping objects and try wrapping fat person to see what happens to the body.



Reflection with my textile partner

Thursday 15th March

reflection with my partner from textile

Why do want to change my colour palette? 

It is very boring and old fashioned so I decided to add some bright pop colour tone and neon to put onto the garment I'm making in order to give more feeling liveness and more updated.

If you show will you personally go to Harrods department store?

I chose not to go to Harrods because I don't like going to Harrods because there are many people  and theres only have luxurious brand. I feel that if I want to buy luxoruous good I would rather go to that brand individual shop rather than Harrods because it make me more more loyalty. One thing I like to do at Harrods was to go eating and shopping at the gourmet.

What do you plan to do to make an ionic garment?

I'm planing to create moving and layering  garment that join together to be in one piece. I'm rying to make it reversible so that there are 2 garment in one. I will keep the luxurious style and will not ruined Harrods brand image.

How can you change Harrod Green Man uniform?

I will change the silhouette of the uniform and change the style and colour. I want it to be more functional and use everyday without the feeling of boring when wearing.

How do you think is the most successful in this project?

First I will struggling on this project on what direction I would take this project too but right now I have a clear starting point. I will focusing on puffer jacket on how this jacket is very functional and the shape and the feeling of the jacket has a very soft feeling and comfortable. It can protect us from cold weather.

Thursday 15th March

 First, my work is based on “The Green Man". My thoughts on Harrods was that the colour palette and the uniform are very boring and have a sad old look which is not inspiring for me to go. I will challenge myself by aiming to make myself want to go to the Harrods and make it more modern and easier to recognise this iconic uniform by rebranding the theme in my own style. I will do this by merging the original uniform which will make this project more personal to me but at the same time still, have the detail of the Harrods concept. The Green Man 'dancing has inspired me to the concept of “Movement” and  "Layering" where the uniform is flowing and moving. I looked into oversized puffer jacket and work onto the organic shape and silhouettes. I will embellish the uniform to be more livable by using selected colour and new silhouette.I made textiles sample that will help me move on my final. My final outline will have something hidden inside where it will reveal it up by reversing the garment. 

Tuesday 13th March

After I spend more time on researching deeper into finding artists that link to my work and thinks which is possible to continue in my own perspective view. I found artist based on "wrapping" objects and when I look into the artist work. There are some keywords that pop up into my head which are ' wrapping, knotting, covering, layering". I start to explore on christo and jeanne claude wrapping artwork. They work on nature and did some draping and wrapping technique to cover landscapes, buildings, and industrial objects. Their "wrapping tree" artwork reminds me of the puffer jacket because of the shape and the silhouette when they wrap using translucent fabric around the trees created dynamic volumes of light and shadow and moving in the wind with new forms and surfaces shaped by the ropes on the fabric. 

My responses towards Christo and Jeanne's work by making collage with a combination of puffer jacket which is related to my personal thoughts in order to continuing this project. I will try to make this industry project to become more interesting because I felt that Harrods itself is very boring so I decided to add my own style on how I dress up and how people wear to Harrods department store. I felt that people doesn't have to wear luxury goods or clothing to go to Harrods because it might not be comfortable than wearing something comfortable to you and functional when wearing. After investigating, I picked up one man who wore puffer jacket to Harrods and this makes me feel that this jacket is very functional and helps people to keep warm during cold weather and can use in other purpose.

Monday 12th MARCH

I had my project tutorial today with Helen and another tutor called Chris looking through my workflow and the 2 projects. They went through my work and pointed out the area I need to improve. They mentioned out about my workflow that I need to do annotation and give my personal opinion and thoughts. For the research part, it needs to be more in details, comment and analyze.


I felt good after this tutorial because I get feedback from tutor whether I'm in a good position or not. I found this is very helpful. After explaining my work I verbalize my ideas and come up with the concepts and keywords that I haven't included in my project was my personal experience on things that are very close to me.

I was thinking that this project is very limited and I cannot expose myself because I'm scared that it might ruin Harrod's brand image. I personally feel that Harrod colour palette is very boring. (green,black,gold) I wanted to make it more personal by adding my lifestyle clothing to my wardrobes such as oversize tee or jacket because Harrod uniform is old fashioned and boring feel to me. I thought about reinventing new style that makes me want to go to Harrod or make me feel more interested.

Moving on, I plan to gather more research images to work in my sketchbook. I looked up onto oversize puffer jacket that covers the body because I found this in my wardrobe that is very interesting and functional. Each item has its own function and use. I look closer at the curvy and bold shape of the jacket and imagine what other things that can possibly be that are similar to a puffer. 

Thursday 8th March

I had a group tutorial about the progress on "The Green Man" Project. Honestly, I really want to have an individual progress tutorial to the tutor because I prefer to have a direct talk so they can give me full advice and deep feedback.

Right now my Harrod's project is not going anywhere because I feel not inspired so my work is only on the surface of basic research. I went on to look at royal guard because I was interested in the large oversize hat.I'm stuck and I'm not quite sure where to move on because I work on Green man. I did some collages and responses to primary research.


-more research is needed

-still, at the introduction ( still in the safe zone), try experimenting and thinking of a new technique and think outside the box 

-stop thinking and do it 

-try working on 3 dimension work

- keep working on knitting work, try doing abstract form. and knitting to cover the chair then placing onto human study to see a new silhouette

-if I'm interested in hat try steaming the work and create a new form from the hat material and see the production line

We got talks with visiting practitioners I got introduced to Helen Downie, Will Hudson, Rhonda Drakeford, Benjamin John Hall and Phoebe Boswell.

Wednesday 7th MARCH

Personally, I feel so blank at the beginning of this project. I'm started working on "The Green Man". I did collages based on creating knitting response on the Green man uniform. At First, I was unsure why I decided to knit but one thing that pops up in my head was the connecting pattern of the sample make me think of the small line of cotton that lines up together before becoming to be fabric. It's kinda like the inside process of making fabric that people normally don't see.I noticed about this because I saw the commercial talking about washing clothe power.

I enjoyed knitting a small sample to put on my work so they have feeling and volume of the work rather than doing all 2D work. Additional, all my college I did need to have a good composition that interested me. It is a good thing to do by making early research process and develops from it by taking out some elements and quickly generate ideas to develop this work further. 

As I look closer to the uniform of the green man then I went further to Soldier and guard uniform because they have the similar silhouette. Even though they are similar but each uniform has their own concept and icon which have it's easy to pick up and get noticed because of the unique they've created since it first started.

Danielle's workshop

Tuesday 6th MARCH

Tutor: Danielle's

3D workshop - simple shape

What was your aim today?

My aim's today is to work on a simple shape to create an abstract form onto the body. I want my outcome to be related to the project I'm doing.

What have you learned? How was it changed? What were you doing or thinking?

I learned that simple shape can create an interesting form I haven't ever work before. Also, fabric and colour are the important elements to do this workshop because I think it can get attention when I saw Luna's work. I really like how she combined fabric with other material.In addition, only a circle shape we can do a lot with connecting it together.It changes the form and creates an interesting side when seeing the fabric flow without having to control and force it. Also, adding colour and technique in between the fabric to make the part I want to focus on to stands out such as the shoulder and the neck part.

How can you incorporate it into your Harrods project?

I can incorporate Harrods project by using a right colour that reminds people of the department each is Green, Gold and Black.

How can you develop this further?

I would develop my work further by using other materials and find and trying out new fabric manipulation to create new silhouettes. I'm trying to layer the fabric in many techniques and combined it together.

What is your Harrods wishlist?


-Balenciaga sneaker

After spending an amount of time working on cutting simple shape and joining it together. I tried putting it on the mannequin and shaping it to fit the body. I think it was quite successful but it feels incomplete because I feel something is missing and I need to add on. A few minutes later I got to pair up with Hyo can we had to connect our work together to make it fix.
I took all the step i did when doing fabric manipulation to see the process then I did some collages on adding each part together to come up with a new form. Also, I add colour and marks on to the image to give more sense when selecting my colour palette and see if it will work well together or not.



Monday 5th MARCH



 After I had some researching on our industry project. I have rough ideas and outline for starting this project but I still feel unclear where I would take this project because there's no interesting topic I could think off. The first thing that came up in my mind is the history of Harrods when is in the period of World War so I start to focus on guard and soldier on their uniform. I will develop by merging soldier uniform with Harrods Green man uniform. The Green man is one of the main icons for Harrods. Their work is to look after and opens the door (Doorman) for the customer to come to Harrods department store. I will look on the repetition because doorman and soldier have to do and repeat the same thing everyday. For  the soldier they have to walk in line and in a steady speed and need to be accurate so it is inspiring in looking deeper into repetition and layering and looking at the soldier on top view and see the number of row standing next to each other.


Sunday 4th March

I went to Saatchi Gallery to find inspiration and gather ideas. I looked at Maurizio Anzeri work and I love how he stitches his work on top of the face images. I have used his stitching technique to make a print design from my work that I have selected from earlier collage and research images.

Maurizio Anzeri also was influential in my developing process. I had used him as an inspiration to use thread to create something delicate but instead of covering up parts of the body and creating new focus session to give more attention.  I want to experiment with different types of techniques onto the research images and one thing I especially wanted to do was sewing and embroidery. 

I had embroidery class with Alice because but I feel it is quite complicated for me because it takes up a lot of time which is opposite to me.


Thursday 1st MARCH

 I had a quick discussion with Chris again because I'm very confused on what to do after group tutorial on Monday.

He suggests me where I should continue with my work. I looked upon "Child response" about the emotions, physical reactions and expressions. I need to explore the word "complexity' on the feeling of layering of emotions. Children are the key point. I'm working forward and faces and silhouettes on child faces that reminds me of something that related to the emotion.

Things I need to do:

-find child clothe

-make 3D sculpture

-play with children toy

-create form and clothing onto the toys & put onto the human body from clothing

-search up creature/ monster

-fusion 2 things together

-abstract clothing

I work with evil and horror theme I looked upon an unrealistic form and "surrealism"

is also links to what I'm thinking.



  • too early to think of the final outcome because it's a big project so I might need more time to develop my work
  • too early to do fabric manipulation on the 
  • "child response" because I have started looking at children toy so it is a good idea to continue working with children emotions
  • -need observational drawing

    -more research in depth

    -play with 3D silhouette / form

    -experiment now things on children toy


Tuesday 27th FEB



I try to enlarge the print I made to focus deeper on a specific point to study and think of what material should I use after seeing the print I made such as what processes and techniques are possible to make when creating a garment.

For example, the bold black line on the print could possible a garment lining or etching process. Also, the crayon print can create a loose knitting technique or topstitching is possible too.

Tuesday 27th FEB

First of all, I got introduced to my new tutor " Helen Bullock". She's a fashion print and fashion illustrator. Our today's workshop is based on our own research images. (selection of good 5 images) We focused on the shape, compositions, textures, and colours. We did some continuous line drawing and mark making. 

At first, in my head, I was thinking that this doesn't seem to help with my project concept. However, as I continue working on it I had created a good print that is very interesting. Hellen came to talk to me about what I'm thinking to do next on this piece but the suggested me to focus on one specific part that interested me so I went to enlarge the print and try thinking about the kind and techniques used if I were to create this print to become a garment by looking at the lines and keep thinking of the process to do with it.

She introduced me to fashion print and fashion knit which I'm not interested in. I thought we have to do only knitting but she mentioned out that fashion knit and the print is where we had to create our own fabric to put onto the body.

Also, she points out on testing out and exploring colour palette and draw the silhouette and figure that we are not familiar with.

Lastly, it was a good session to study and learn new style and techniques on ways to look at art and use this technique I learnt to use in my work later on. I wasn't sure on what to do next on my sketchbook so I'm thinking of looking back at my previous work I did in the sketchbook so I will try using Helen's technique to develop my work further.


Monday 26th FEB

I feel very confident for group crit today because I really feel  think that my work is going well. During my group tutorial, I presented and explained by project concept and my sketchbook work to my peers. However, after getting feedback from the group crit today, I feel confused on what direction to move on or whether should I research first because I got commented that my research wasn’t enough and work is a bit confusing. I had too much range of colour in my work so I had to create my own colour palette with a good selection of the mood in bipolar emotion. DEEP RESEARCH AND THEORY IS NEEDED. I need to start over again with my research by looking deeper into the process/techniques related to the mood and physical reaction in a human study. I felt very LOST so I decided to stop working in my sketchbook and I had to plan my work process again. 







Monday 19th FEB

Miss Douglas artwork

Her work very represents her mood when painting. I can see the colour she used and the hand weight she use when she paint. 

Colour Tone

 After I've been experiment and responses to Miss Douglas's abstract colour painting while expressing her bipolar mood.It reminds me of Sandy Welch's abstract painting. However, her selected colour scheme was quite vibrant colour and bright but sometimes it's very plain and pale. I really like the stroke of the colour when using a palette knife. The edge of the knife pressed on the paper and the colour touches the surface of the paper very give attention to the thick colour paint onto the flat surface.

Sunday 18th FEB

Project final outcome and installation prediction

I have an outline in my mind on what I'm planning to do for my final outcome.

Saturday 17th FEB

Rewrite my project proposal from Dream to Bipolar disorder


I felt that my project concept "Dream" is unsuccessful because it is very hard for me to start doing. It is too diverse and I didn't figure out the specific starting point to develop further because I had many things in my mind to do. I started looking up on Bipolar disorder on " What is it? What the physical reaction for people that have bipolar disorder? How do they feel? How can the human with bipolar disorder react through art?"

Friday 16th FEB

EXHIBITION - Saatchi Gallery





Thursday 15th FEB

After I researched about "Dream" more in-depth for unit 7 project. I realized that this topic is too wide and broad and it is difficult to spot out the interesting point.

However, I've been struggling with this theme so I decided to change my theme.

I continually research as much as I could by doing a mind map, selecting keywords and looked up for a potential theme that is possible to handle with this project for a long period of time.

 One thing that came up in my mind was "Bipolar disorder".


Tuesday 13th FEB

After having a discussion with my mum, I'm thinking of changing my project proposal from "Dream" to Obesity or Surgery. I feel that it is more straightforward to the point and it is easier to start because the theme "Dream is too diverse"
To be honest, Right now I wasn't sure, where to start off because I have alot of ideas and I need to make the process of my work connect. I need to clearly plan out what I need to do first.
In my opinion, having someone listen to you when explaining your project and giving back feedback is essential because I will know if my idea is good or not and what to improve or what I missed out.
However, I will continue researching on Dream and wait till the part 2 assessment come out and see what the tutor think of my project proposal.

Monday 12th FEB

Today is our part 2 assessment day so I went to Archway to drop off my portfolio, sketchbook and my project proposal. I continue working on my independent research and having a discussion with my mum explaining my project on what I’m doing because I’m not quite sure where to start because I’m thinking too much and this make myself more difficult.

The 2 main things of 'Dream" that really point out on doing this project and what means to me. To start off, dream happens every time or any time when we sleep since when we were young. Dream branches out into 2 sections which are positive and negative thoughts.Second, a human cannot control our dream and brain when we sleep so it will happen whenever our brain thinks and imagine. When we think too much or worries about something we will keep that in mind and it will happen when we sleep in our dream.





Friday 9th FEB



Thursday 8th FEB


List how you will fulfil and aim and your objectives in this project

-Sharing ideas with peers by having a group critique 

-Listen to feedback from tutors and peers and act to respond it immediately 

-document primary research through photography 

- survey and interview that is relevant to my research

-to see the process connection since the beginning to the end

-keep updating with my reflection on my work  and progress, and evaluate specific point on where I could improve

-Creating new technique that is interesting and related to my research task

-Good selection choice of material, fabric, processes and manipulation techniques

List and think about your audience. Is there a purpose to what you want to do, or a specific user or group it is for?

Are there any Theories tied in with your theme?

My theme Is bipolar which is based on human personality to see each process.

This is why each person behaviour is different from each other.

Can you see re-occurring themes in your work developing? Areas you are interested in or inspired by? 

I started off planing which themes that are the most possible and be able to go more in depth.

I really like to do a new theme that I never did before in order to explore new topic and experience.

This is inspired by people in the society and trying to find a topic that is interesting in.

Are you working within any parameters, rules, restrictions enforced by you or external?

At this stage, I'm not working in any of them.

What is the context of your project? Would it be a very different project in a different context? 

I think that some project is easy to get in contact because some I may not understand or don’t know it too well enough to have an idea such the first stage.

Thursday 8th FEB

Last night, I was wondering what should I do for my project because I want to do something that is very surprising, interesting, weird and unpredictable and the word “uniqueness” is the main thing I want to focus on and I don’t want it to be similar to other people. I went to the library to look up some books. I came upon researching on Darwinism, Nature of life, Camouflage and Sleep revolution. This is quite stressing because I want this project to be the best. However, I need to do more research and plan for this project.

Wednesday 7th FEB




Wednesday 7th FEB

Today is the Part 3 Introduction meeting where I need to know what are we going to do this term. Importantly, part 3  is the only part that counts in order to pass the foundation course or not. I have to think of my own project and we have to go to the library to do some research task. First of all, I need to find my inspiration and things, objects or subject that influences me to think of the concept that is very make me feel interested and want me to explore me.